10 Best Male Celebrity Hairstyles

The term celebrity hairstyles simply refers to hairstyles that come to be much-liked, thanks to their being the chosen hairstyles by celebrities and other opinion leaders. As many people love a celebrity and most of them follow their favorite celebrity. Here are a few models of male celebrity hairstyles that you can try; maybe one of them is your favorite.

Brad Pitt’s hair is cut in a medium-long, razor-textured shag. It’s a look best-suited to those with medium-textured straight hair types.
Brad Pitt Male Celebrity Hairstyles

Tom Cruise’s hair is worn in a modified “Ivy League” cut, characterized by an elongated fringe area and longer lengths on the top.
Tom Cruise Male Celebrity Hairstyles

Lucas Cruikshank’s hair is shaped in smooth layers that are combed over into an angle and resembles a Caesar cut with most of his hair styled toward his face.
Lucas Cruikshank Male Celebrity Hairstyles

Sterling Knight has his hair cut in a short shag haircut with a heavy bulky top that is brought down and combed over his brows.
Sterling Knight Male Celebrity Hairstyles

Ashton Kutcher has a natural form of waves that are cropped into layers and combed from the crown to fall below his eyebrows.
Ashton Kutcher Male Celebrity Hairstyles

Toby Regbo's Hairstyle is natural hair color around a medium brown with veins of a light golden blonde and the back is cropped close in to the nape and also comes in around the ears.
Toby Regbo Male Celebrity Hairstyles

James Maslow has a hair cropped in short shag that covers his neck in the back and rides over his ears on the sides. The top has a small quick part.
James Maslow Male Celebrity Hairstyles

Justin Bieber take on the classic bowl cut using a curved perimeter that frames the face. Hair is layered to create smooth, even shaping, and appears to be lightly textured.
Justin Bieber Male Celebrity Hairstyles

Taylor Lautner has a dark hair cut closely around his ears and in the back. The top was fired up with some gel while going over to one side.
Taylor Lautner Male Celebrity Hairstyles

Ultra-masculine look, Justin Timberlake hairstyle is sporting a clipper cut buzz style.
Justin Timberlake Male Celebrity Hairstyles
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