10 Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Here we want to share the best short celebrity hairstyles that might be an example for your style now and in the future. You'll find an 10 impressive hairstyles that will make you look more beautiful if you want to try it.

Slithered Hair
Rihanna has coal black hair that is centered in an off part and cut high up in the back of the head with irregular razored sides and the top that is enveloped into the sides. This straight textured black hair is slithered up, down and along her face, with the larger portion hiding one of her eyes.
Rihanna Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Waves and Curls Fifties and Sixties
Gwen Stefani is noted for wearing her hair in waves and curls that were prominent in the fifties and sixties, complete with a semi-lifted shirt collar. Her color is a combination of platinum and beige blonde and brushed back into a ponytail without any tendrils.
Gwen Stefani Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Short Bob Hair
Jessica Alba has a blunt type of bob along the sides and back, with long blunt bangs feathered over to the side above one eye. Her length is about three fourths down her neck when wet. She has all warm golden blonde hair with strawberry highlights and a few golden brown lowlights and brown new growth.
Jessica Alba Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Short Curled Hair
Jessica Simpson's short haircut shows off her neck. Her hair is cut in long layers about mid-length on her neck and is curled with a medium to large curling iron to give the circular motion. Her bangs could be stretched all the way to her chin without this curl.
Jessica Simpson Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Short Bouncy Curls
Kelly Carlson's bouncy curls capture her charm for all to see. Alongside her blonde are darker slices, her cut is shortly layered all over her head.
Kelly Carlson Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Bobbed Hair
Jenny McCarthy's sides are bobbed and flowing with the magic from the back. The top is parted smartly on one side and flowing down to blend in with the sides.
Jenny Mccarthy Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Edged Up Bob
Sarah Harding’s straightened hair is styled with an edged up bob in the back moving longer and angled alongside her face. Her top is sleek and smoothly designed to meet her sides beginning with a straight part.
Sarah Harding Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Short Bob Hairstyle
Keira Knightley's short bob style is excellent for most face shapes with the exception of those that are heavier in the jaw line or which have over-large features in the lower face.
Keira Knightley Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Short Sultry Hair
Kimberly Caldwell's brings to mind fresh-faced, girl-next-door beauty of Doris Day, mixed in with some of the sultry sensuality of Marilyn Monroe.
Kimberly Caldwell Short Celebrity Hairstyles

Short Messy Haircut
Brittany Murphy’s “devil may care” custom cut is completely fitting for her large brown eyes and pixie face. Her color is a light pale blonde with low brown lights and dark new growth.
Brittany Murphy Short Celebrity Hairstyles

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